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FileMarker.NET Pro Free for 1 Year: Change the icons and colors of your files

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FileMarker.NET Pro is an efficient and helpful program that enables you to change the icons of your most crucial files easily and organize them by priority and work status.

Finding a specific file among the countless others we’ve stored on our computers can be a daunting task. Here’s where you’ll find FileMarker.NET Pro useful. By customizing the file icons and colors, you can make your files more user-friendly and easier to find and arrange.

FileMarker.NET Pro UI

In a nutshell, what does FileMarker.NET Pro do?

This is a straightforward and efficient tool for customizing data files. If you customize the file icons and colors, you can quickly see which files serve which function, and move them around as needed. It allows you to create color-coded or image-coded icons for your files, which can help in the organization process.

The software is Windows-friendly and has an intuitive interface that facilitates personalization.

UI & Functioning:

FileMarker.NET Pro-Multiple Files

The program’s primary interface is straightforward, and it’s simple to adjust settings for individual files. You can, however, customize multiple documents simultaneously. Easily apply your preferred settings by selecting the files you want to use, regardless of where they are stored.

Also, you can use FileMarker.NET Pro from the customizable context menu that opens when you right-click the file you want to use it on.

FileMarker.NET Pro in context menu

We can label files as “work,” “private,” “important,” or “temporary” and prioritized as “high,” “normal,” or “low.”

You can access the “Restore default” option from the right-click menu or the Action menu of the application if you ever need to reset all the settings to their factory defaults.

Here are some of FileMarker.NET Pro’s most notable features:

  • You can tweak the appearance of your files by assigning them one of several icons. Custom icons can be added as well.
  • Color-coded files allow you to quickly and easily distinguish between similar documents by assigning them unique colors.
  • We can mark files that need immediate attention with red, files that have been completed with green, and so on.
  • Customization of files is now a simple two-click process thanks to this timesaving addition.
  • Its user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use.

FileMarker.NET Pro Giveaway:

This software, normally $34.95, is currently free on the GOTD website. If you want it, head on over to the and grab it.


Visit this

Click the “Send Registration Code” button after entering your name and email address and agreeing to their terms.

The activation key will be sent to the provided email.

Download the giveaway version from this link or from here [7.1 MB].

Install the software,launch it and you wil see an activation window similar to below screen shot.

Enter the license code and unlock the full version.

FileMarker.NET Pro License Giveaway