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Figment Game Worth $19.99, is Free for a Limited Time - Here’s How to Claim It

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Searching for a stimulating adventure game that will test your creativeness and problem-solving abilities? Figment, a top-rated game normally selling for $19.99, is now available for free. The game is playable on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

Among Gamers, Figment is a popular action-adventure title. Players in this one-of-a-kind RPG will explore a surreal world complete with music, humor, and a deep storyline.

How to Get Figment for Free?

You can get the Figment Game at no cost in one of three ways as of this writing. The first is to use the widely popular steam platform; the second is to use the Indie Gala website; and the third is to use the GOG website.

Figment Free on Steam


Here’s what you need to do to get the game on Steam:

  • First visit this Steam Page.
  • Click the “Add to Account” button.
  • Sign up for a Steam account if you don’t already have one.
  • Sign in to your Steam account, if you have one, and add the game to your library.

The game will be available for free on Steam until March 9, 6:00 PM (GMT).

Figment Giveaway on GOG


  • To claim your free copy, simply click the giveaway banner on the homepage.
  • Click the button “Add to Library.”
  • Put in your GoG username and password (or make a new one).
  • This game is available in your GoG library.

You need to get the GOG Galaxy gaming client and launch it with your account details before you can play.

Indie Gala:

Indie Gala also provides Figment (a PC digital download) at no cost. Follow the steps below to get it:

  • Go to this page of the IndieGala Store.
  • There should be a button you can click that says “Scroll down to claim this item.”
  • To log in, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Login”.
  • Either log in with your existing details or register a new account.
  • You should revisit the giveaway page.
  • Simply select “Add to Library.” The game will be added to your library.

An Overview of Figment:

Bedtime Digital Games, a Danish-based indie game dev, developed this game. The PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game all officially launched on Steam in September 2017. The game was praised for its innovative mechanics and compelling story.

Figment Game Play

Gameplay and Features:

This action adventure title combines puzzle-solving and combat for a unique gameplay experience. The player takes control of Dusty, a brave character, and his friend Piper as they investigate the many facets of the human psyche.

The game encourages players to delve deeper into each area to uncover secrets and solve puzzles. Players will also face off against a wide range of enemies, including bosses with their own musical approaches to battle.

Figment Game

The game’s original soundtrack is a big part of what makes it so enjoyable to play. Players can use their interactions with the world to advance the story and gain access to previously inaccessible locations. We can complete the game in about 6-8 hours.