FightBack: Mobile app for Women Safety

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Few years back Tech Mahindra , a leading provider of IT services and telecom solutions developed an application called “FightBack”  for it’s  Mahindra Group staff members . Now after the heinous  gang-rape of a woman in New Delhi, Mahindra group  released the app for public use, now the application is  available for  free download for Indian Mobile users, the app supports  Nokia, Blackberry and Android Mobile OS.

FightBack is an application specially designed by CanvasM to enhance Women Safety, the app  tracks a user’s location and sends SOS messages to selected  contacts in case of an emergency.
fightback app for women safety

Crime against women is increasing and the victims are unable to reach out to the masses for help. FightBack app is a unique solution that uses location based technology and enables user to fight back against crime and protect themselves in emergencies.

This mobile application when launched, tracks user’s movement through GPS (Global Positioning System) and sends location information to the server. It also displays user’s current location on the Google map.
The FightBack app allows the user to press on a panic button whenever he/she feels unsafe.  With the help of  GPS based location, the app alerts chosen contacts about the location map and is available on Android and Blackberry.

FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. The app  will be functional only for  registered users. Th application requires Valid SIM and working GPRS connection.

How to Register and download FightBack app ?

1. First signup for an account at and login to your account.
2. After Sign-in for downloading application, MY DASHBOARD page will be displayed ,now click on “Download Mobile App” button.

3.Now, you will be will forwarded to the page as shown below, select the your Mobile OS (Android,Blackberry,Nokia), next select your device,then enter your mobile number and download the app.

Note: For Android devices running above 2.0, you can download the app even though your mobile is not listed,just select any smartphone model.

fightback app supports android

4.With in few seconds, you will receive a link to download the FightBack app on your device, download  and install app.

Note:  Before installing the app, android users select “Installation of non-market apps” option in your device security settings.
5.Now click “My settings” on Fightback webpage, navigate to “Alert settings“, here you can add your Facebook account and add mobile numbers for emergency contact, click “Edit” and add up to 5 mobile numbers. Also you  can add contacts  & Facebook account right from the mobile app.
fightback  alert settings


6.On clicking the alerts link on the dashboard, “Alert Page” will be shown, on the left side window, you can view last few live alerts raised .


fightback alerts with google map


About CanvasM Technologies Limited :

CanvasM is a unique collaboration between Motorola Inc. and  Tech Mahindra.

CanvasM Technologies Limited is a key player in the mobile VAS space, focused on developing and deploying VAS solutions, applications and platforms for organizations across the globe. It specializes in end-to-end enabling of solutions with managed services which bring together content, technology and device expertise to ensure an enhanced digital experience to customers of telcos, media houses and enterprises.

[Special Thanks to Satish Naidu for the info.]