Download Fedora 13 Beta

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Fedora 13, also known as “Goddard,” (beta) has been released and is available for download, this Beta milestone encourages users, developers, and administrators of all types to download and try out the release, also the Linux community reports that Beta is reasonably stable.

Fedora 13 is arriving with number of new features,  Some of the new features include automatic printer driver installation of supported packages like foomatic and hpijs, improved web-camera support, the KDE desktop now has PolicyKit One and PulseAudio integration, and system rollback support using Btrfs. Also it brings updates to the: GNOME, Firefox, the Linux kernel, KDE, and many others

Fedora 13 now supports DisplayPort monitors with NVIDIA and ATI/AMD graphics cards complete with kernel mode-setting support via updates to the Nouveau and Radeon DRM, respectively.

The Final version is expected to available in this May and the beta release is available via direct download, BitTorrent, Jigdo, and gPXE images for

Download: Fedora 13 Beta

[Image Credits :phoronix]