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Just after finishing iolo Giveaway, I’m here with another Giveaway“FBVPN,” that safeguards your privacy. Yes  Safeguarding Your Online Privacy  is a bigger issue, because all web -biggies want know your online activites and they Track you with  browser cookies,..e.t.c.
In order evade these and Safeguard Your Privacy , VPN is the best solution, Using VPN is one of the safest ways to surf the web and still be anonymous.


FBVPN, the Faster and Better VPN service  which not  only protects your privacy but also you bypass country specific restrictions to access services like Hulu . FBVPN works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone OS and Android platforms.

FBVPN is based in California , so get U.S  IP address and  have benifts Same as the U.S citizen. For those of you living in Countries like China right now you need VPN service to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter (soon Google?)  website and FBVPN will be the best choice for you.

5 Best Features of FBVPN:

  1. Freedom : Surf the web without restrictions.
  2. Fast and Easy : Simple setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android  OS.
  3. Security: Network traffic will be encrypted to keep it safe from hackers and spies.
  4. U.S IP address : Enjoy the same Internet as someone in the US.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t like the service, you can get refund with in 30 Days

FBVPN  setup is easy and  straight forward , which uses a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) protocol for connection because it doesn’t require any installation.

I have been testing FBVPN  for the past few days and I must say the service has been fairly good.I could easily stream multiple online episodes on Hulu and the connection was reliable most of the times. Also I noticed, Unlike otherVPN services there are no restrictions on Torrent & P2P with FBVPN.

The best part of FBVPN is that the pricing, you can get FBVPN service for just  $5 per month. If you are looking for  cheap and good VPN service, then you can go for FBVPN.

How to Setup FBVPN on Windows 7?

    I used FBVPN on Windows 7, so in below steps I’m explaining how to setup FBVPN on Windows 7 systems . For Mac, Linux, iPhone OS and Android platforms check out the setup tutorials over here.

  1. First click “Start (windows)” button, then click on ‘Control Panel >> View network status and tasks’
  2. Now Click ‘Set up a new connection or network’.
  3. Select ‘Connect to a workplace’ and click ‘Next’ button.
  4. Select ‘No, create a new connection’ (By default selected) and click ‘Next’ button.
  5. Select ‘Use my Internet connection (VPN)’ option.
  6. Now Under the field ‘Internet address’ field, enter PPTP VPN Address: trial.fbvpn.com(example) , and click ‘Next’ button
  7. Now enter your ‘User Name’, ‘Password’, then Select ‘Remember this password’ and Click ‘Connect’ button

  8. That’s it, FBVPN setup is ready, whenever you want to connect click ‘Network notification‘ icon on the taskbar, then click ‘VPN icon > Connect


Giveaway :

    For this Giveaway, FBVPN offered 30 free 1-month accounts to Techno360 readers and to participate in this Giveaway follow below rules

  • Follow the FBVPN(@FBVPN) at twitter
  • Retweet one of FBVPN’s tweets.
  • Leave a Comment below with your status.
  • The Giveaway will end on 31/10/2010 and winners will be announced on 1/11/2010.

  1. A 30 day trial is lame.
    They get lots of exposure from you for virtually nothing.
    If you contact any of the vpn providers they are willing to give you a 1 month trial so this offer sucks.
    You should only promote companies who are willing to give you something worth having(1 year account)because this type of other makes you,and them,look cheap and lame.

  2. i don’t use twitter, so for me this giveaway is not accessable, sadly, is there no other way?

  3. Rama i have tweeted this post but i dont use twitter so tell how to write the address of that post