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FBVPN Giveaway Winners list

After my apology post, Tony from FBVPN has responded and sent us the Licenses or passwords for the winners.

In their own words:

Tony says:(November 21, 2010 at 3:17 am )
Sorry, I am Tony, from FBVPN, and saw this article from Twitter, and we haven’t received any list from you, could you please send to

I think there is some mis-understanding.

Tony says: (November 21, 2010 at 3:32 am )

It’s our fault, and I found this problem.
Eric sent the list to me, and I replied with the winners.
He should forward this email to you, but he replied to me without cc to you…
I am really sorry for this, and hope we could do something.
I have forwarded the email to you, and is there anything I could do? please let me know.


FBVPN Giveaway Winners:

  1. vhick
  2. Anupam
  3. Lance V.
  4. ibheck
  5. barda
  6. vaibhav srivastava
  7. JollyJohn
  8. Jawwad
  9. Elwood
  10. Monica
  11. Daniel Fenn
  12. Bob

To all the winners, I will be forwarding the passwords to your FBVPN account to the email address that you have mentioned.

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