FBVPN Giveaway Winners list

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After my apology post, Tony from FBVPN has responded and sent us the Licenses or passwords for the winners.

In their own words:

Tony says:(November 21, 2010 at 3:17 am )
Sorry, I am Tony, from FBVPN, and saw this article from Twitter, and we haven’t received any list from you, could you please send to [email protected]

I think there is some mis-understanding.

Tony says: (November 21, 2010 at 3:32 am )

It’s our fault, and I found this problem.
Eric sent the list to me, and I replied with the winners.
He should forward this email to you, but he replied to me without cc to you…
I am really sorry for this, and hope we could do something.
I have forwarded the email to you, and is there anything I could do? please let me know.


FBVPN Giveaway Winners:

  1. vhick
  2. Anupam
  3. Lance V.
  4. ibheck
  5. barda
  6. vaibhav srivastava
  7. JollyJohn
  8. Jawwad
  9. Elwood
  10. Monica
  11. Daniel Fenn
  12. Bob

To all the winners, I will be forwarding the passwords to your FBVPN account to the email address that you have mentioned.

    1. being extended.
      you could check it on our website.
      the original is the date we should send out these winners, but we made mistake.

  1. Hello everyone
    I am sorry for this mistake, and haven’t extended all the accounts to December 22 2010
    if you have any problem, please contact us.

  2. Hello Ramakanth,

    Thnx for the key, I got it and I am really so excited to use it but I am unable to get (http://access.fbvpn.com/) page working… please tell me what should i do?

    VaibhaV Srivastava

  3. sorry ramakanth…

    it is working now… i am able to get access now by using VPN… great… thnx rama… nice work buddy

  4. I already have an account FBVPN thank you for that, then how do we know our account has been extended or not


    1. login our website, and you will find you account is extended from you last payment.

      your account has been extended to December 22 2010