FavBackup: Backs Up Any Browser

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FavBackup is an interesting application (freeware) which can  backup and restore any browser.This application can backup almost everything in your browser , including bookmarks, extensions, plugins, cookies, history, settings, profiles and many more options.

FavBackup supports all browsers from Firefox (versions 2, 3 and 3.5), Internet Explorer (versions 6.7 and 8), Opera (version 9), Chrome (versions 1, 2 and 3), to Safari (versions 3 and 4). It is a very lightweight application and  also it doesn’t require installation, So by clicking the .exe file we can use it whenever we want.

Just run the program, select your browser and select  the option Backup  or Restore previous backup. If you want to  do a backup  select the option “Backup”, Click next and choose the items (bookmarks, history, preferences, etc) that you want to backup ,then select a location to backup  your data.

There are still a few restore glitches with IE and Opera, but it’s a useful utility worth a look for anybody looking to transfer settings from one  PC to another.

Download FavBackup (version 1.0.2)