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Life is time,FastPaste 3 does only one thing : It saves your time.No more boring, repetitive and soulless work. No more stupid typing, let FastPaste do that for you,”Stupid” may be a strong word, but we think it’s appropriate, because we are strong believers that entering something again and again is stupid. Technology is meant to serve us, and FastPaste will do exactly that for you: It will serve you, to give you back your time.

FastPaste 3 is a clipboard utility that allows you to quickly paste predefined clips (text, images, rich text) using a hotkey into any Windows application.You can also fill forms and do other things by utilizing scripts, thus making FastPaste simulate keyboard presses. For example, FastPaste Professional can write your name, press Tab, then write your password, and press Enter. All that automatically, activated by a single system-wide hotkey (such as Ctrl+1).

As you can see, FastPaste can save you a lot of typing time and soulless work. It allows you to focus on what is more important in your life, and let your computer (and FastPaste) do the dirty, mundane and boring work, not worth your precious time

FastPaste 3 Features :

FastPaste is very feature-rich, yet simple and easy to use. It is also very flexible and customizable.Some of the most notable features include:

1.Paste Plain text, Rich text, Images and Scripts. You can paste just about anything, from a single word to multi-line rich formatted text.

2.Scripts allow you to fill forms, send hotkeys and key sequences, and do all sorts of other useful keyboard operations. Be creative and liberal when using scripts. It’s your time you are saving here – the most precious commodity in the whole universe! Scripts are in Professional edition only.

3.Tokens allow you to dynamically insert current time, date, or other information into the clips. For example, by creating a clip: “Today is %DATE%”, FastPaste will insert “Today is: 12/30/2012”. The format depends on your system date format. You can also construct your own date/time formats. Supported tokens include DATE, TIME, YYYY, YY, Y, HH, H, MM, M, SS, S, AMPM, and more.

4.Encrypt your projects to protect password and other personal or sensitive data. The encryption uses very secure 256-bit AES algorithm.

5.Docking (sidebar) support. Dock FastPaste as a sidebar, and have super-fast access to your clips.

6.Deploy to USB flash-drive. FastPaste is portable – you can deploy it to a USB drive and then run it from any computer.

7.Full-featured clip formatting for rich-text clips, including styles (bold, italic, underline, strike through), colors, bullets, fonts.

8. 4 different pasting methods for maximum flexibility:

A. Paste using a global hotkey associated to each clip (keyboard)
B. Paste using a global paste menu for all clips (keyboard)
C. Paste using “Copy” button from the main program interface (mouse)
D. Paste using the FastPaste notification area icon right-click menu (mouse)

9. All global hotkeys and shortcuts are fully customizable.

10. Smart hotkey handling. FastPaste will detect conflicted hotkeys and inform you. It will also register only hotkeys for the clips that are actually used.

11. Unlimited number of projects, 30 clips per projects.

12.Up to 300 clips readily accessible with keyboard or buttons with Quick Projects feature.

13.Reorder clips using drag & drop. It couldn’t be simpler. Just start the drag on the number upon the clip.

14.Display clips in 1, 2 or 3 columns, so the FastPaste window will fit perfectly into your work space.

15. Overview of clips and hotkeys can be exported to HTML or printed. This is very useful, e.g. if you’ve just setup a bunch of hotkeys and want to remember them, then simply print the overview and stick it on the wall beside your computer for a reference. You will memorize the hotkeys in no time.

16.Always on top mode supported.

17. 10 FastProjects for quick access. You can have up to 10 projects associated with hotkeys and easily openable from the main toolbar. This way, you can access over 300 clips entirely using your keyboard.

18. Easy fast installation that doesn’t require admin privileges.

19. And much more! This list of features is not by any means complete. You simply have to experience it.

FastPaste 3 Free License:

FastPaste 3.06 standard version sells for $29.95, now you can get this software for free with below promo set by PC format magazine.


1.First  visit this giveaway page and click “I’ve liked you or followed you” button.

2.Next  you will see  FastPaste 3  license key, copy the code.

3.Download FastPaste 3.06 

4.Install the software, run the app and on the main interface click [highlight]”help–> Enter license”[/highlight] and paste the code to activate the full version.

For refernce:

FastPaste 3 license key:


=== LICENSE CODE BEGIN =====================================
=== LICENSE CODE END =======================================