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iPad to get Official Facebook App

Apple iPad has been released more than one year ago and a second version of iPad was also released, but till now for some unknown reason there is no official app released for this popular device from Facebook, the social-networking giant.

Although iPad users can use official Facebook iPhone app on iPad but it is not optimized or it doesn’t take full advantage for 9.7-inch screen size and resolution.

Now finally it seems Facebook has made their own app optimized for the iPad and in a couple of weeks it will release the official app for iPad users. Similar to iPhone app, the Facebook app for iPad will be available free of charge

According to reports, the app is in its last stages of testing and the app has a slick design that has been tailored for the iPad and its touchscreen interface.

Also the app will go beyond the features available on the Facebook Web site by allowing users to shoot and upload photos and videos directly from the iPad’s built-in cameras.

According to NY Times report , the new app could be a boon to both Facebook and Apple. In addition to the iPad app, Facebook also plans to introduce a better version of its Web site for the iPad.

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