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How to Get Facebook Email Account

Yesterday a new emailing service was emerged from the Social networking Gaint ‘Facebook’. This new emailing service also called as ‘Social Inbox’ and it is portrayed as Gmail killer according to facebook user base, but I don’t agree because Gmail has its own strength as it linked up with many necessary Google services.

According to Facebook, in the ‘Social Inbox’ the Messages is not email as there are no subject lines, no cc, no bcc, and you can send a message by hitting the Enter key. It is modeled more closely to chat and reduced the number of things you need to do to send a message.

You can send message/email to everyone, no matter what they use Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Hotmail, and they don’t need Facebook to receive the messages.

Similar to Gmail Priority Inbox, all messages from your friends and their friends will be placed in the Inbox and all other messages will reach an Other folder where you can look at them separately.

How to Get Facebook Email Account ?

Facebook will be providing an email address to every person on Facebook who wants one.

Currently its an invitation based,So request an invitation to get Facebook Email Account over here :

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