F-Secure Freedome is a VPN service with security features designed for mobile devices, this  secure VPN application  is developed by the Finland based security firm F-Secure, the app works on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.
F‑Secure Freedome app is available in almost all countries/regions  including Europe, North America, Latin America, Thailand, Turkey, India and Russia.Visit this support page, to know the  full list of countries  that the app is  now available.

Freedome VPN service will cost $4.99 for a month or $29.99 for one year, but with “VIPS” promo F-Secure is offering a free 1 Year subscription 0f F-Secure Freedome for both Android and iOS users.Just download this application from App Store or Google Play and use the redeem code as “K4KC4M” to avail 1 year  free subscription (12 Months).

F-Secure Freedome is a virtual private network(VPN) with anti-virus, anti-tracking and anti-phishing all in just one button. According to the developer, with this app you or your device will be untrackable and invisible.

At present, the app lets you connect  its secure VPN servers in 12  different locations :Spain, Singapore, Sweden,Netherlands , Hongkong, London (England),Canada, Finland, Italy, USA (East and West coast), France  and Sachsen (Germany).

F-Secure Freedome

The application lets you protect yourself from harmful websites, blocks malicious apps,vanish from trackers and set your location virtually.Just launch the Freedome app on your device, tap the centre of the Zone to turn the protection ‘ON’, Freedome connects automatically to the closest secure VPN server or for extra privacy set your virtual location elsewhere.

The application encrypts your Internet traffic, so you need not to worry about threats or tracking  even if your device is connected to unsecured public wi-fi. The Anti-Tracking Feature of the app removes all cookies and forces the Do Not Track header on for all browsing, so you can browse anonymously and freely.

F-Secure Freedome offers :

1.Tracking Protection

2.Browsing Protection

3.Virus Protection

4.Connection Protection
5. A Secure VPN


Download F-Secure Freedome at  Google Play and App Store.

For  12 months free subscription use the  redeem code :  K4KC4M [Source]


F-Secure Freedome redeem code k4kc4m


F-Secure Freedome VPN redeem code