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Extensity-Manage Chrome extensions efficiently & Keep its toolbar Clean

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Extensity is a Chrome addon that lets you toggle on and off all your browser’s extensions with a single click.

We can enhance chrome with a wide variety of add-ons. Unfortunately, the browser’s resource usage increases with the number of extensions it has to run.

If you use many add-ons to make your web experience more pleasant, you may find that the toolbar in your browser is cluttered and you can’t access the extension you need.

If you’re using Chrome and want to keep your browser’s toolbar as uncluttered as possible, this extension manager is for you.

Extensity is an extension for Chrome that helps you keep track of your add-ons, making it easier to activate or deactivate them or locate the one you need.

Extensity Chrome Addon

How Extensity Addon Works?

This add-on is fantastic. If you install the addon, it will replace your existing shortcuts. But there’s no need to worry; click the icon to gain access to them all.

Chrome’s user interface stays uncluttered and minimal, and the tool can even make the browser faster.

When you click the Extensity icon in the Chrome toolbar, the list of installed extensions will be displayed.

A white background is used to highlight extensions that are currently enabled, while a gray background indicates that the extension is disabled. A simple click can quickly activate or deactivate an add-on.

In addition, you may find that some of the displayed extensions in the list feature a “gear icon” on the right side of the extension. When you click it, a new window will pop up where you can alter the settings for the add-on.

In the toolbar available at the top of the list, you will find several useful options, such as, for example, disabling all extensions, accessing the Chrome extensions page, and even creating extension profiles.

Get the addon by visiting https://chrome.google.com/webstore/

Key Features of Extensity:

  • Keep your browser quick by disabling add-ons you aren’t going to use right away.
  • Eliminate clutter from your toolbar.
  • Perfect for extension collectors.
  • Quickly disable or enable all add-ons with a single click.
  • Using Profiles, you can quickly navigate between different sets of extensions.

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