1. I have Ghost vpn Premium and is not so good for Hulu because Hulu it say that i’m not from S.U.A.I put url in another browser :opera Tor and make same settings from Quick preferances and allow everything free(Java,pop up and the rest) and i loock at the movie from Hulu but not work soo well because they interrupt me from time to time.Question:You believe that will work 2 Vpn in the same time:Ghost vpn and this?.Thank.Also ,if you know,this Vpn work for Hulu?.

  2. @Doru: Im using both GhostVPN and this…

    Although I must say, I dont know why but it keeps showing that my VPN IP address belongs to the US and not to UK. Although the google homepage that loads is Google UK, still I cant access websites which are exclusively for UK IPs.

  3. Yes,it’s just re-branded Anchorfree also with US IP address,not UK. Works faster,no banner on the top,still hijacking after startup.

  4. I suppose it works fine in you just want security when using an unsecured WiFi Connection, but I’m in the US and it give me nothing but US IP addresses.

    Is there a way to get this to provide a UK IP?

  5. I am in Australia, and I am using the expat shield, and it’s not letting me watch chanel 4 episodes using the bbc iplayer links. I get “CONNECTION TIMED OUT” every time. any ideas?

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