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Evil Dead: The Game, Rumbleverse Epic Cheerleader Pack And Dark Deity Now Free

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Evil Dead: The Game is now free in the Epic Games Store five months after its original release date. Free and high-quality games from Epic Games are a regular occurrence; this time it’s Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead. Even though the game will be free for a limited time, players will get to keep it forever.

Epic Games is attempting to unseat steam as the preeminent PC gaming platform by offering players a wide variety of games for free. The latest Epic Games giveaway features The Evil Dead, a multiplayer horror game.

Plus, there’s a unique cheerleader pack for Rumbleverse and the adventure RPG Dark Deity. You have until 4 PM GMT on November 24 to download and keep the games and items.

To grab these freebies, visit the below links.

Evil Dead-The Game:

Dark Deity:

Epic Cheerleader Pack:

Evil Dead The Game

About Evil Dead-The Game:

Simply put, “it’s like Dead by Daylight,” as this is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game. You can take on the role of the good guys or the bad guys, fighting for your own survival.

Players who liked Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Video Game will enjoy this. In this cooperative game, players work together to defeat hordes of zombies controlled by the game’s AI and a demon controlled by another player.

In order to put an end to the evil forces and save the day, teams will need to travel across the map, accomplish missions, and defeat enemies. The original Evil Dead films and the Starz TV series characters and settings are included.

About Dark Deity:

Sword & Axe’s Dark Deity is a tactical role-playing game full of swords, spells, and passionate love interests. You take charge of a group of inexperienced warriors at Brookstead Military Academy as they investigate the horrific reasons for the academy’s closure and learn what their kind had planned for the students.

A not-so-subtle nod to Nintendo’s classic Fire Emblem franchise, the game’s inversion of the school story format quickly expands to include over two dozen recruitable characters, 28 chapters spanning the continent of Terrazael, and countless opportunities to build supportive relationships and romance among your band of rebels.

About Rumbleverse Epic Cheerleader Pack:

The Epic Cheerleader pack includes a Cheer Crop Top, a Cheer Skirt, Cheer Tennis Shoes, a Cheer Pigtail Do, Cheer Poms, a Cheer Megaphone, Cheer Makeup, a custom black background and border for the title card, and a 120-minute Fame booster.

Rumbleverse epic cheer leader pack