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Now you can get the Ethical Hacking Workshop ebook for free! Learn how to effectively use ethical hacking tools, strategies, and techniques to defend against cyber threats of any size with this easy-to-understand ebook.

This ebook usually sells for $43.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. Now you can get it for free.

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What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking into computer systems and networks to find and fix security flaws before they can be exploited is called ethical hacking, or white hat hacking.

Imagine it as a permission-based penetration test; it will help you find security holes and fix them before malicious actors can cause damage.

For cybersecurity, ethical hacking is vital. Ethical hackers keep businesses safe from cybercriminals by finding security flaws and resolving them.

Also, they help firms learn the best techniques for cybersecurity education.

What Does the Ethical Hacking Workshop eBook Offer?

Get a feel for ethical hacking with this book that lays out the process and gives you lab exercises to try out.

You will discover the basics of networks and how to break into a new environment and get fully immersed in it on this voyage.

A comprehensive and useful knowledge of ethical hacking, as well as a desktop reference for use on the job, will be yours after this book.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn the fundamental distinctions among cryptography standards, hashing techniques, and encryption algorithms.
  2. Gather data from the network to analyze it.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the standard procedures for conducting in-cloud reconnaissance.
  4. Launch into network mapping and scanning procedures.
  5. Perform privilege escalation, lateral movement, and backdoor implantation using a variety of top tools.
  6. Determine the best way to avoid being detected and leave no trace.

Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone currently working in cybersecurity—whether as an analyst, member of a security team, or a blue team—and interested in learning more about the tools and techniques that attackers used to break into systems and find security flaws will find this book useful.

Prior knowledge of networking and cloud computing is required.


In this ebook, professionals Pillay and Abutheraa condense the field of ethical hacking into practical instructions for identifying and fixing security holes.

Anyone working in cybersecurity would do well to take advantage of this opportunity to study the defensive strategies used by hackers.

Ensure the safety of your organization by downloading now.