Eset Smart Security v4 FREE for 6 months

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Similar to Kaspersky, Eset security products promos are very rare. Here is a time limited (German) promo/free offer which provides 6 months free subscription of Eset Smart Security v4 and also the same license (user name & password) works for ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.So according to your wish you can either use the free offer for NOD32 Antivirus or you can go for full security suite.

About Eset Smart Security v4 :

ESET Smart Security 4 keeps your PC safe with advanced proactive detection that blocks most known and undiscovered threats hours or days faster than other Internet security technologies. It is built on the award-winning NOD32 antivirus and antispyware engine. Also it has an Integrated antispam and personal firewall which keeps your online life safe and cleans Internet traffic and email, even when it’s SSL-encrypted.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 :

ESET NOD32 Antivirus uses a powerful combination of advanced heuristic technologies and automatic updates of malware signature databases, detecting and eliminating a rapidly growing number of unknown threats.


Eset Smart Security v4 or NOD32 Antivirus free offer:

  1. Just visit this German promo page and enter your First name, last Name, Email address (twice) and click “Jetzt..”button as shown in below image.
  2. Instantly you will receive an email from ESET which includes User Name (Benutzername) , password for ESET Smart Security Home Edition.
  3. Note : This is a 3 PC License or Subscription.

  4. Download either Eset Smart Security v4 or NOD 32 according to your system architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) using your username & password from here.
  5. Install it and activate the software with your username & password.
  6. The promo will expire on 10.02.2011.
  7. Note : I installed ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4, used this promo user name & password and it worked for me.
    Tip: You must activate the license from today itself, as the license is starting the 6 months period from 8/2/2010 which is the promo starting date.

    [Thanks to Mitschl]


  1. Produkt: ESET Smart Security Home Edition
    Lizenzgröße: 3
    Benutzername: EAV-31181670
    Passwort: tffuesrhbd
    Lizenz gültig bis: 08.08.2011
    For everybody!

  2. I want one license badly….
    Since the free licenses have been exhausted in the promo….
    please can you provide me?

  3. Produkt: ESET Smart Security Home Edition
    Lizenzgröße: 3
    Benutzername: EAV-31181670
    Passwort: tffuesrhbd
    Lizenz gültig bis: 08.08.2011

  4. Missed the promotion. I could really use that 6 month license. Any chance to get a license key?
    Thank you for any help on this.

      1. Unfortunately this morning, after days of accepting the password of Flori, ESET will not accept password. Seems they will not honor the 6 months key.
        Anyone else having their key not recognized?

  5. Translated from German:Without professional anti-virus software, no one should surf the Internet – either father, mother, and certainly not the children. Therefore, the antivirus vendor ESET given away on the occasion of Safer Internet Day “daily 1000 virus protection packages. Safer Internet Day 2011Vom 08.02.-02.10.2011 interested can download the full version of ESET Smart Security 4 and 6 months free use. The software may be installed on three PCs in your own four walls. All updates are of course included.
    Ask today for your free full version!

    Wow – with such a rush, even we do not expect from ESET Germany. The number of free licenses for 02/10/2011 unfortunately already exhausted and the action come to an end – for now. We will try to make some licenses to interested parties.

    Until then, all users can also download a free trial of ESET Smart Security Home Edition Request for a computer. Simply register with your e-mail address:

  6. The licence key is no more accepted from the server for the upgrades. At the originally installation of the software it was working.

  7. After all that hassle involved in installing it now gets blacklisted. I swear I’ll never ever use ESET products again.

    1. I checked into this and it seems that only German users can have this key activated.
      I don’t blame ESET but it was disappointing.


  8. that’s just it, it was activated but stopped working after a few days. not a very nice thing for ESET to do after allowing activation and uninstalling my previous anti virus. if it was for Germany only, it should have accepted only German IP’s from the start as we’ve seen with some other offers from other companies.