Eschalon Book 1 Game for Free

Posted by Ramakanth

Eschalon: Book I is an old-school role-playing game, which is simple to play yet featured deep single-player storyline and complex character stats, as well as an open environment to explore.

Eschalon: Book I is a turn-based role-playing game. Turn-based gameplay means that each entity in the game (including your on-screen character) takes their turn separately. Nothing truly happens in “real time”.

When it is your turn, the game is essentially paused until you decide what action you wish your character to perform next. After you do your action (such as take a step, cast a spell, or attack an enemy) then the computer calculates the actions of all the other game entities.

Eschalon is unique, however, in that while all entity actions are calculated separately in order of initiative, they are performed all at once.

This means there doesn’t have to be a “pause” between turns; essentially the game can be played out in “near real time”, with actions happening as fast as you are comfortable with.

Battles can be fought with rapid blows back-and-forth at an action-packed pace, or you can act more slowly, choosing your targets and attack methods more carefully.

You can even get up and walk away from the game completely in the middle of battle, knowing that nothing will progress until you return and take your next turn.

Get the game for free:

GOG is now offering Eschalon Book 1 Game for Free, the game offered is DRM-FREE, so no activation or online connection is required to play.

To get this game, visit this page, then click on ‘Add to cart’ button, next go ahead to click ‘Checkout now’ button and login to your account or create an account  ( if you don’t have one) by hitting the “I’m New Here” link.

Now in your  GOG account library you will see the game, download and install it on your PC, the installer size is 109MB.