eScan Internet Security 11 Free for 90 Days

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eScan Internet Security is a comprehensive Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution that provides complete protection to your computers against objectionable content and security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, Phishing Web sites, and range of information security threats.

This software included just about every feature we were looking to find in this type of security software, including parental controls, a game mode, network protection, USB device scanning and email attachment scanning. It also provides all internet security elements such as virus detection and removal, antiphishing, antiadware, antispam, rootkit detection, offensive content blocking and data protection.

Once installed, eScan Internet Security Suite has an easy to understand interface that is clear and simple to navigate.The user-friendly interface comes with a few options displayed in a menu which resembles the Mac OS X Dock.

eScan internet security suite also includes some useful additional tools like file and folder protection, privacy protection, a virtual keyboard, laptop settings, system tools and application control.The software can scan all files types, including email attachments,files on a disc, or files on a USB-connected device.

 Key Features :

  1. Trendy & Easy to Use Graphical Interface design for both, novice and expert users.
  2. Best Protection against Security Threats without Compromising with the Computer Speed.
  3. Scans content for confidential data, prohibited information, offensive, and obscene language.
  4. Block Notifications & Alerts while Playing Favorite Games. You can thus enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  5. Access to malicious websites / URLs will be BLOCKED effectively providing to ZERO Day protection to computers.
  6. Advanced Classification of Ham and Spam E-Mails
  7. Parental Control and Pop-up Filters help you block offensive content and Pop-ups, respectively.
  8. Virtual Keyboard that protects your system against keyloggers. You can use this keyboard while typing sensitive information, such as banking passwords or credit card numbers.
  9. Firewall that has been enhanced for seamless integration with your operating system.
  10. Network Traffic Monitor that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  11. Option to block the execution of network-based executable files, thus preventing the spread of infections within networks.
  12. Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infections through USB Drives
  13. Lock Files and Folders that are very Critical and Confidential
  14. The bootable Rescue Disk enables you to clean boot the computer if the operating system fails to load on it.
  15. Automatically Checks & Downloads Critical Updates from the Microsoft Web site. It thus prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities, existing in your operating system.

eScan Internet Security 11 Free for 90 Days:

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