This Week’s Epic Games Store Freebies: The Big Con and Town of Salem 2

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Welcome back to the Epic Games Store’s free weekly game giveaway! This, it’s a double feature! Between April 18th and the 25th, you can get not one, but two incredible titles to add to your library. Let’s jump right into what this week has in store for game enthusiasts.

The Big Con: A Hilarious 90s Crime Caper

Starting with The Big Con, a funny adventure game that brings humour to the world of stealing.

Take part in the wild ‘90s crime caper The Big Con. Created by Mighty Yell, this adventure game is released in 2021.

In the game, you play as Ali, a smart high school student on a cross-country road trip whose goal is to save her family’s video store from loan sharks. Ali won’t hold bake sales or car washes, though. Instead, she’ll use her smarts and disguises to pull off complicated scams while managing the exciting world of America in the 1990s.

The art style in The Big Con is very colourful and fits the style of the time nicely. You will meet crazy people, come up with crazy plans, and have a lot of fun as you help Ali save the day (and the video shop).

Experience The Big Con, a hilarious crime caper set in the vibrant 90s. Developed by Mighty Yell, this 2021 release delivers a fresh twist on adventure gaming.


Town of Salem 2: A Game of Deceit and Survival

In Town of Salem 2, you play in a land where mystery and deceit hold absolute power.

Playing as one of seven to fifteen randomly allocated characters—from townies to mafia bosses or serial killers—in this browser game is all about technique as you tell and uncover lies.

Whatever your goal is—defending the town or killing its residents in secret—Town of Salem 2 is an exciting game that will test your strategy and trickery.

The game itself is free to play, but this week only, Epic Games is giving a bonus to customers who register an account on Epic. The unique Epic Dragon Shimmerscale Pack, a set of in-game cosmetics worth a whopping $100, is yours when you log in via Epic.

Immerse yourself in a web of suspicion and mystery in Town of Salem 2, a social deduction game. From naïve citizens to sly Mafia operatives, you’ll play a variety of roles as you cooperate (or conspire) to find out what happened. You may make your social deduction experience more memorable with the Epic Shimmerscale Pack’s one-of-a-kind character customization.


Claim Your Freebies and Exclusive Packs

The Big Con and Town of Salem 2 (Epic Shimmerscale Pack) can be yours for free in the Epic Games Store from April 18th to the 25th.


The Big Con:

Town of Salem 2 (Epic Shimmerscale Pack):


Amazing freebies are trickling out of the Epic Games Store, and this week is no exception.

The Big Con and Town of Salem 2 can keep you entertained for hours, whether you’re looking for a humorous adventure or a strategic match of intellect.

Add these titles to your library before the deal ends; they are only free to claim until April 25th. Also, be on the lookout for next week’s giveaways—Industria and Lisa: Definitive Edition—coming your way.

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