Energy Saver and Memory Saver modes in Chrome

Energy Saver and Memory Saver modes Now Available in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome now features both an energy-saving mode and a Memory Saver mode. The latest version of Chrome (v110) introduces these two new modes.

Users can finally put an end to Google Chrome’s notorious memory and performance hogging by switching to one of these two new modes.

These new modes aim to maximize the performance of your device while reducing its overall power consumption.

Performance tab in Google Chrome Settings

So, what exactly is Memory Saver Mode?

The memory saver feature prioritizes currently open tabs and other resources to ensure maximum efficiency.

The Memory Saver function puts inactive tabs temporarily to sleep, freeing up system memory and processing power.

You can go back to an inactive tab to reload it, and you can check the speedometer icon in the address bar’s corner, to see how much RAM Memory Saver has freed up for other tasks.


How to enable Memory Saver mode?

Chrome 110 has this feature enabled by default, you can see it in the Performance tab of Chrome settings.

If this mode or performance tab is not visible in Chrome settings, you can enable it with the below flag.

Open a new tab in Chrome, type the below flag into the address box and set it to “Enabled.”


Memory Saver mode in Chrome

What is Energy Saver Mode, and how does it function?

Energy Saver is a significant feature to have on battery-operated devices like laptops.

This new feature to Chrome helps you save power when browsing the web. It accomplishes this by disabling any unnecessary, resource-intensive visual effects that could slow down your browsing.

Whenever this function is enabled, a leaf icon will appear next to the Omnibox (or address bar).

When you see this icon, you know Energy Saver is actively lowering your energy consumption.

We can also set energy Saver to activate automatically when your laptop’s battery falls below 20% or when it is unplugged from an electrical source.

Energy Saver on in Chrome

How to enable Energy Saver Mode?

This feature is enabled by default in Chrome 110; navigate to the Settings > Advanced > Performance menu item.

If this mode or performance tab isn’t visible in Chrome’s settings, you can turn it on with the flag below.

To enable this flag, open a new tab in Chrome, then copy and paste the below flag it into the Omnibox or address bar.


Set it to “Enabled”.

Battery Saver mode in Chrome

Download Google Chrome 110:

The latest and stable version of Chrome is 110.0.5481.104 and is available for Windows, Mac and Chrome books.

Windows users can download the offline Installer of Chrome from the below links.

Direct Download Link of Chrome 110 Offline Installer (64-bit) (91.92 MB)

Direct Download Link of Chrome 110 Offline Installer (32-bit) (87.61 MB)