How to Enable Free VPN in Opera Browser

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Opera recently announced the introduction of  Free VPN feature in its browser, now VPN is a built-in feature in Opera browser.

Users can  now stop paying for VPN software’s or downloading  extensions for their browser. With native free VPN client and that too unlimited, straight away  from the Opera browser, users can start surfing the web anonymously and access blocked websites/content in their country.

Opera is one among the top three browsers, but the browser was preferred next to Chrome & Firefox. Now with  built-in VPN feature (powered by SurfEasy Inc), Opera can  certainly increase their browser user base.

With VPN in your browser,it can enhance your security on public Wi-Fi, lets you hide browsing activities, bypass firewalls and access blocked content.

How to Enable  & use Free VPN in Opera Browser ?

You can either watch above ‘How to Enable VPN  Feature ?’ video or follow below description.

The VPN feature is  now only available in  developer build of Opera, so first  download & install the developer version from

Now after installation, launch the browser and  click the ‘Menu‘ tab on the top left of the browser, then click on ‘Settings‘, under settings  locate and  click on ‘ Privacy  Security’.

free vpn in opera

As shown in above image, on the right side of the Settings page you can notice  Browser VPN feature and under this category  click on ‘ Open private window’.

Now in the Private Window, you can notice ‘VPN’ tab on the right side of the address bar. The free VPN feature can be available only in Private browsing mode or Private window. So, for using the feature you need to launch the Private browsing tab.

As you can see the ‘VPN’ tab in the private window is  in gray colour, which means the feature is disabled, by-default it is turned off. Left click the ‘VPN’ tab & click on the slider to enable the feature, the VPN tab will turn to ‘blue‘.

VPN in opera

The blue VPN tab indicates  you can start accessing blocked websites in your country  and surf the web anonymously.You don’t require any account or bother  about paying for the service.

Also clicking on the same tab, you can have option to select the virtual locations or virtual IP’s. For now the service provides  four  VPN servers or locations, which include : U.S.A, Canada, Germany and Netherlands.

That’s it, users who want a service to unblock web restrictions and users who are concerned about their online privacy can start using the useful Free VPN feature in Opera browser and you can get the developer build from here.



If you are using Windows 10/8/7, you can skip some process and straight away open the private browsing window right from the  windows taskbar.

Just, drag & drop the Opera short cut on windows task bar ( Pin the icon), every time you wish to use VPN, from the taskbar  right click the Opera short cut and click on ‘New Private Window’,


Also, you can normally open the opera browser and  use the shortcut key ‘CTRL+SHIFT+N’ to launch the private window.