Enable Delete button in new Gmail Android app

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Yesterday (June 5th, 2013), Gmail Android app received an update and the new Gmail 4.5 brought new features and at the same time the update replaced existing features with new features.

One such feature is ” Disappearance of Delete button”, many wonder why Google replaced the “Delete” button in the Gmail android app was replaced with “archive” button.However one has to notice that Google didn’t completely removed delete option from the app, it was just hidden and we can enable the delete option from the settings of the app.

How to enable Delete button in new Gmail(v4.5) Android app

If you have updated Gmail app on your android device to version 4.5, then you will notice that “delete” button is not available when you touch to read an email , you can notice the  delete  button is replaced with ” archive “ feature as shown in below image.
new gmail android app archive button

1. To enable the ” delete” button, from Gmail app click the menu button of your device, and go to settings.
2.Now go to general settings and then click on ” Archive & delete actions”.

archive & delete action in gmail android app

3.Now you can see three options – archive only, delete only, and archive & delete,you can notice “Show archive only” option is selected.
4.Now change it to either delete only or archive & delete option.

enable delete button in gmail android app