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Emsisoft elects winners of the 2012 Malwarelympics

Since July 27th, athletes from all over the world have competed at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Away from any sporting events, Emsisoft’s analysis team has posed a completely different question: which countries, categories and malware would be the different winners in the Malwarelympics?

Anti-malware companies such as Emsisoft deliver high performance throughout the entire year so that your computer enjoys the best protection possible. However, many of PCs are infected with virtual parasites on a daily basis because, unfortunately, IT security is often neglected. The PC security company have evaluated a lot of data to find out who achieved gold, silver and bronze in the different malware disciplines.

As of today,  Emsisoft is  proud to present the results: find out for yourself in which countries the most infections per PC have been found, which malware is the most widely spread, which botnet takes first place on the podium with around 30 million controlled PCs and much more!

The winners of the 2012 Malwarelympics:

View the final results from  below Infographic created by Emsisoft

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