1. I have already created an account with my email id. please tell me how to get coupon code with the registered email id ?
    A waiting for help

  2. Hi, where is you find desired coupon code in the letter, i can’t find anything,just basic info..

  3. Looks like registration is over now,someone please post received coupon code for this software.Thanks

  4. Thank you.
    Promotion is over but you can use a polish proxy to register and get a license

  5. The link provided takes me to the order page-no place to create an account there.Also,I have an account already-could this be why I’m directed to that page? And yes,I have several email accounts,and could use a different one,but can’t get to where I need to go-help please!

  6. Just checked closely-I’m getting a re-direct when attempting that link.The suffix “sign up” appears briefly.Is this by IP or cookies?

  7. Johnny, already tried early before Polish UK and Swiss proxy,can’t work anymore, promo is closed for all countries.

  8. For all those that are saying the promo isn’t working, did you use the proxy mentioned?

  9. I have a question. I got a code through one of our member (Mike). thanks to Mike.

    I want to know if I could you that could (got through another email) and still use the coupon in my email which is already registered?

    Thanks, Grr

  10. @NamAnh – hi.. could you tell which poland proxy you used?? have tried a couple-reached nowhere…