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Empire Earth Gold Edition PC Game Free

Empire Earth is a real-time strategy game that lets you control the destiny of a fledgling civilization through 500,000 years of human history.Empire Earth is developed by the lead designer (Rick Goodman) of Age of Empires, so it is a nice mix of age of empires & civilizations.

Unlike Age of Empires, which takes on a single slice of history, Empire Earth offers you huge lifespan and history of a humanity (500 000 years of past, present and future of it is portrayed in the game). You’ll start a civilization, directing your cavemen to gather resources such as food, wood, gold, iron, and stone. Eventually you’ll advance through every era of history, all the way to the far-flung future where giant robots armed with lasers dominate the battlefield.

Empire Earth Gold Edition includes the original Empire Earth and the official expansion, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest.The Game is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit).

Empire Earth:
An Epic Conquest Spanning 500,000 Years. Mastermind a civilization’s glorious rise to power throughout any period of human history. Order Alexander the Great and his soldiers to raze a troublesome city-state. Seize vital resource sites with Napoleon’s Grande Armee. Carry out a night attack with a column of Panzer tanks. The past, present and future are yours to command.

Empire Earth Features:

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Expansion:
Carry your quest for world dominion beyond the bounds of earth and into the Space Age of the 22nd century with Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest. Cross the final frontier as you extend your conquests into space and command armies that travel faster than the speed of light
Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest continues to redefine the ages with a whole new space epoch and three monumental campaigns with new units, heroes, civilizations, and calamities. Now, you must master the art of conquest on Earth and in the next frontier- Space.

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Expansion Features :

Empire Earth Gold Edition Free

  1. GO to this free offer page : and Click On “Download now” button.
  2. Next create an account, sigin to your account and you will see the game in My games section ( see below image),otherwise once again visit the link in step 1 .
  3. So in “My Games” section click on Empire Earth and download either using GOG downloader or using browser.
  4. ALso you can download Bonus content : 2 manuals (253 pages) , 3 HD wallpapers, 4 avatars, 2 technology trees

Note :

Empire Earth is  free until 10.59 GMT (02-59PST) on December 14 and if there is overwhelming load on GOG  servers, wait a few hours, and try again.So download or add this DRM free game immediately.

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