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Emotional Intelligence eBook Worth $12 Free for a Limited Time

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Emotional Intelligence ebook written by Amy Jacobson is a straightforward and practical manual for boosting productivity, enthusiasm, and personal investment.

The success of any business can be greatly aided by elevating its employees’ emotional intelligence.

This book is a must-read for all leaders in the workplace, including CEOs, CFOs, department heads, managers, and supervisors.

Wiley, a publishing company, and TradePub, an e-book distribution platform, are currently offering this book at no cost.

This e-book is 1.6 MB in size and 187 pages long and normally costs $12.

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About Emotional Intelligence eBook:

Over the past decade, a lack of emotional intelligence has emerged as one of the most discussed problems in today’s workplaces.

Since then, there has been a growing awareness that although our IQs are important, they are not the deciding factor in where we go professionally; rather, our emotional intelligence is.
Emotional intelligence, defined broadly, is one’s facility with managing one’s own and other people’s feelings constructively.

Emotional Intelligence eBook

This book demystifies the concept of “emotional intelligence” by dissecting it into its component parts and providing simple instructions for developing one’s own EQ or EI.

This practical, easy-to-use guide cuts through the hype and busts the myths about EI. Amy Jacobson is an experienced EI expert, leadership trainer, and coach. She talks about the tools, methods, ideas, and actions that can be used to improve EI in any situation.

This must-have guide is full of real-life examples, case studies, thought-provoking questions, and diagrams that can be used right away.

Emotional Intelligence eBook Features:

  • It gives you a powerful five-step plan (Own It, Face It, Feel It, Ask It, and Drive It) to help you understand and use emotional intelligence principles in your personal and professional life right away.
  • Raises your emotional intelligence at work
  • Helps you deal with high-pressure situations, handle difficult situations, and talk to people who have different ways of communicating.
  • Helps you deal with tough problems at work, like a lack of motivation and purpose, cultural issues, poor communication, and low productivity.
  • Gives clear steps for getting rid of bad habits and taking responsibility for the role you play.