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EMOTION PROJECTS Pro from Franzis is an advanced photo editing software for photographers. It helps turn your images into beautiful works of art.

The software has easy-to-use tools and effects that enhance colours, tones, and textures. You can create stunning visuals that really connect with people using this software.

Do you want to make your photos more expressive and captivating? Do you want to add some mood and atmosphere to your images?

If you answered yes, then you might be interested in EMOTION Projects Pro, a software that can help you create amazing photos with just a few clicks.

About EMOTION Projects Professional:

This software lets you edit your photos in a creative and intuitive way. You can choose from 33 predefined moods, such as dramatic, dreamy, mysterious, or cheerful, and apply them to your photos. You can also create your own moods by combining different image styles, such as cool, glamorous, vintage, or modern.

EMOTION projects also have smart filters that can enhance specific parts of your image, such as the sky, the vegetation, the skin tones, and the contrast.

You can also adjust the graininess of your image with the Smart Grain module. Also, you can apply colour filters, compositing options, and special effects to your photos by using selective drawing tools.

EMOTION Projects Professional is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, so you can easily integrate them into your workflow. You can also use it as a standalone program and process RAW images with 90-plus development settings.

EMOTION project is a powerful and versatile software that can help you transform your photos into stunning artwork. You can create unique and individual moods for your photos and impress your viewers with the results.

Whether you want to edit landscapes, portraits, or artworks, this Franzis software can help you achieve your creative vision.


Key Features:

  • Image mood wizard with 33 variants – ideal for landscape, portrait and artwork
  • 4 Smart Filters: SmartSky, SmartOrganics, SmartSkin, SmartContrast
  • Image mood index for almost unlimited possibilities of image mood manipulation
  • Optimization Wizard with 12 variants for adjusting denoising, tonal value, clarity, dynamics and sharpness
  • SmartGrain module for setting the ideal graininess
  • Selective drawing with effects, colour filters and compositing options
  • Scratch and sensor spot correction
  • Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic
  • Batch processing
  • RAW image processing

How to use EMOTION projects professional

Using EMOTION projects is very easy and fun. Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Open your photo in EMOTION Projects Professional. You can either use it as a plug-in for Photoshop or Lightroom or as a standalone program.
  2. Choose a mood for your photo from the image mood wizard. You can either select one of the 33 presets or create your own by combining different image styles.
  3. Adjust the intensity of the mood with the slider. You can also fine-tune the brightness, contrast, saturation, and colour temperature of your photo.
  4. Use the smart filters to enhance specific parts of your photo. For example, you can use the SmartSky filter to make the sky more vivid and dramatic.
  5. Use the SmartGrain module to add some texture and noise to your photo. You can choose from several types of grain and adjust their size and strength.
  6. Use the selective drawing tools to add some effects, colour filters, and compositing options to your photo. You can draw on any part of your photo and apply different effects to it.
  7. Save your photo or export it to Photoshop or Lightroom for further editing.

For more info about the software visit: https://www.projects-software.com/



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