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EasySpeech2Text Pro Free License - Convert Audio to Text & Text to Audio

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EasySpeech2Text Pro is a useful and lightweight tool that allows you to convert MP3 files to text and vice versa. The app offers four different voice styles that can be changed.

Workflow efficiency is critical if you have to manually convert audio files to text lines for transcripts. It’s difficult to keep up with the rapid advancements in the field of voice recognition software while still keeping a competitive edge in a crowded industry.

Easy Speech2Text is the easiest software to use to turn your voice or an MP3 file into plain text. At the same time, it can also turn your text into speech. This text-to-speech program will help you work much faster because it has a high-quality voice that sounds natural. It is powered by Google and other advanced TTS/STT technologies, so you can be sure that the results of the conversion will be accurate.

The goal of Easy Speech2Text is to provide a no-hassle audio-to-text and text-to-audio conversion service. It is neither very sophisticated nor overly basic. Simple solutions are always the best, and this app’s layout does a great job of taking that into account. Users can control the process of conversion with a number of big, easy-to-see controls.

EasySpeech2Text Pro UI

You can switch between the two modes, which can turn text into speech or speech into text, with a simple toggle button. You can easily add MP3 files, but you can’t drag and drop them. In the section that’s there, you can type whatever you want.

The apps’ TTS or STT Mode is powered by Google, so you’ll need to create your Google API JSON Credential (free).

The conversion process itself works quite well, and there are no hiccups or crashes. In the program’s settings menu, you can choose from four different voices to use when converting text to MP3. This is a cool feature.

Each named character—William, Wendy, Halen, and Henry—can be changed in terms of speed, pitch, and volume, giving users a lot of freedom.

EasySpeech2Text Pro Features:

  • Easy voice-to-text software to generate documents faster than typing.
  • Powered by Google STT and various advanced STT models.
  • Text-to-voice software with natural-sounding speech synthesizers. Powered by Google TTS technology.
  • Use-friendly app with high accuracy and small in size (only 11.4MB for the exe file).
  • Speech recognition even works with punctuation marks.
  • Support Google’s high-quality “WaveNet” voice.
  • Support configuring the speaking rate/speed and pitch.

Get EasySpeech2Text Pro for Free:

Download the installer or setup file from the developer page.

Install the software and launch the app.

Now on the app’s main window, click the cogwheel icon or settings icon.

In the next window, click “Register” and enter the below license code.

That’s it, click “Activate” and unlock the full version.

EasySpeech2Text Pro license