EasyBackup 2024 Full Version is available For free [Windows]

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EasyBackup 2024 by Abelssoft is a straightforward and trustworthy software that allows users to back up partitions, multimedia, office, and custom files and folders simultaneously.

In the event of data loss, corruption, or deletion, you can use this easy-to-use tool to create a backup copy of your most important files. In addition, a robust configuration set makes it possible to tailor every aspect of a backup job.

Everyone who uses a PC knows how important backups are. Still, people often put off the unpleasant task until it’s too late. EasyBackup is the best solution for everyone because it backs up your data without you having to do anything.

It offers a sleek and straightforward user interface. You can create a new job by following a few simple wizard steps, or you can open an existing job and use its parameters.

Before beginning any work, it’s critical to establish the scope of the operation by identifying the different sorts of files that will be affected. Choose from a variety of partitions for storing your media, such as MP3 and video files; documents from Microsoft Office (Word and Excel); e-mails from Mozilla Thunderbird. Custom files and folders, as well as files sorted by format, are also options.

As a second step, you can choose a backup name, password protection, automated mode, and frequency and storage location (local, removable, or network location). You can add several jobs to the manager and perform them all with a single click.

Use the software application in incremental backup mode. It will only add new files to your backup after you have completed a full backup, rather than overwriting any existing ones (to shorten the time it takes to do the job).

EasyBackup Features:

  • Simple zero-click solution: simply connect and disconnect the storage medium.
  • The application provides automated backup reminders.
  • Simple recovery- You can choose which backup you want to restore with only one click.
  • Back up without worrying: It’s easy to use, so you can back up quickly and easily.
  • Uses groundbreaking technology for minimal memory consumption

Get EasyBackup 2024 Full Version for Free:

Just download the giveaway version from this link or this link [7.5 MB].

The installer is pre-activated, so simply install and enjoy the full version for free.

If you’ve used another Abelssoft program on your computer before, this one will activate on its own.

New users: Launch the app and type in your email, name, and surname. Say “yes” to the license terms and click on “Get free unlock mail now.”

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