EaseUS Partition Master Pro v18.2 Free License

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EaseUS Partition Master Pro is a powerful partition manager for Windows users. This PC software lets you manage the space on your hard drive more efficiently, and it offers a straightforward way to handle and configure partitions.

Get EaseUS Partition Master Pro 18 For Free:

Download the installer (v18.2.) from the developer page.

Launch the app on the primary interface, click the “Activate” (key icon) button, and enter the below code.

New License Code: ABYRN-JQX2Z-XSFL7-BVYB7-LCL95

License code: M38XN-7LYPQ-7Z5KC-Y2XAI-ZJRU6

Hit the “Activate” button and enjoy the Professional version for free.

About EaseUS Partition Master:

This all-inclusive Hard Drive & Partition Manager Solution allows you to extend system partitions, fix low disk space concerns, rapidly expand NTFS system partitions without rebooting, and create MBR.

Simplified interface

You can easily find all the settings thanks to the clear and organized layout. Partitions can be easily resized, moved, copied, merged, explored, checked, converted, or renamed with a few clicks.

Effective partition manager

You can manage partitions with the Partition Master Professional, which includes volume resizing features, on a Windows PE or Linux bootable disc.

Backing up your data is highly recommended after resizing or changing partitions, although restarting your computer isn’t necessary.

The new partition can be easily created by following the wizard’s steps and selecting a disk size.

By using the “Clone Disk Wizard,” you can copy your whole disk to a larger one and then use it to boot your computer.

Using the ‘Partition Copy Wizard’ to transfer your partitions to another hard drive is still another alternative.

Advanced data recovery features:

If you’re still looking for more, the program can restore partitions that have been accidentally erased or lost from your hard drive’s free space.

This is a lifesaver if your computer becomes unbootable after a system crash. You have complete control over the recovery process if you choose to do it manually, but the automatic option is also available.

Key Features:

  • Partition a new hard disk with a single click, saving you time and effort.
  • Optimize disk space use by resizing or extending the partition.
  • Get the drive formatted to its maximum capacity using any file system, such as NTFS or FAT32, so it may work with a variety of devices and operating systems.
  • With a system or hard drive clone, you can upgrade your discs without having Windows installed again.
  • Convert MBR System Disk to GPT (or vice versa).
  • Incorporate AI smart space modification with a single click.
  • Identify and repair file system faults and bad sectors with ease, restoring normal operation to your malfunctioning device.
  • Retrieve data and partitions that virus infection has corrupted or deleted or by a Windows update, or an accidental deletion.
  • Make WinPE bootable media or add the Partition Manager boot option to the Windows boot menu to fix PC boot issues.
  • Optimize your solid-state drive’s (SSD) reading and writing speeds by aligning its partitions properly.
  • Dynamic disk to basic conversion, dynamic C drive space extension, and dynamic volume creation, deletion, formatting, and copying are all possible.
  • If you are trying to change partitions and something goes wrong, automatically return the partition state to its prior state.


True to its reputation, EaseUS Partition Master Professional is one of the best disk management programs available. Partition management, copying, and recovery are all encompassed in this all-inclusive system.


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