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Partitioning a hard disk is not an everyday task. We usually do it once when we buy a new hard disk and after the partitions are created and filled with data, we rarely touch the partitioning tool again. Besides, with an effective Windows inbuilt partitioning tool available, we don’t require any third party partition manager, unless we need to resize a partition. When that happens, the first name that crosses our mind is Partition Magic. But wait! Do we really need a paid software when there are so many free tools available? Absolutely not, especially when we get the same features and benefits of our old friend Partition Magic with a freeware a like EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition.

Of the free tools I’ve tried, EASEUS is probably the simplest to use.EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition provides convenient user-interface enables you to configure and manage partitions without destroying data. Disk&Partition Copy Supported now! Free For Home Users.

EASEUS can also change partition labels, format easily, hide and un-hide partitions, preview the effect of your changes before you make them, and change cluster size. EASEUS only supports hard disks from 20-800GB

EASEUS Partition Manager has an interface which is unlike any other free partition managers, thankfully. That DOS like interface that most free partition tools sport not only looks crude on your sparkling new LCD monitor running Windows Vista, but gives an impression of immense complexity and that geeky look is feared by the general users. Partition Manager has a cleaner look and closely resembles Partition Magic, and it’s even touted as a “Partition Magic alternative” by the manufacturer themselves.

Key Features of Easeus Partition Manager:

* Support hardware RAID
* Resize and move partitions without losing data
* Create and delete partitions with simple step
* Label partitions – assigned to a partition for easier recognition
* Format partitions with a click
* View Disk/Partition property of each partition
* Hide and unhide partitions – protect important data from unauthorized or casual access
* Set an active partition – specify one partition to be the boot partition
* Preview the effects of partitioning a hard drive before implementing anything
* Change cluster size automatically and manually
* Support hard disks from 20GB to 800GB
* User-friendly interface


In this short tutorial, I’m going to resize the size of the C: drive on my Windows pc.

EASEUS  hard disk resize

Just right click to give your current hard disk, and click Resize. Here we can define the new size of “C: “, by moving the bar, or entering a number.

EASUS partition hard disk

Now we will see a “Unallocated space”, which is the separate space for the new partition. Simply select, click on “Create Partition”, then “Apply.”

Resizing a partition can be dangerous and there is always a risk of failure. If you have confirmed that you have a recent backup, click Yes and get ready to kill some time.
EASEUS Boot Screen

Link: Download EASEUS

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