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EaseUS Disk Copy Pro v4.0 Free License [Windows]

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro 3.5

EaseUS Disk Copy is a safe and effective disk cloning software that allows you to make the same (identical) copy hard disk or SSD.

It allows you to clone the source disk/partition(s) to the target disk/partition(s) “as is” or resize proportionally. It is possible to clone a larger disk to a smaller one, provided that the smaller hard disk has enough capacity to fit the contents of the larger disk.

You can run Disk Copy from a live Windows operating system or a bootable disk based on Windows WinPE.

EaseUS Disk Copy: A Brief  Overview

This software provides physical 1:1 copies of hard disks or SSD regardless of your operating system, file systems, and partition scheme. Also, the “sector by sector” option enables you to copy 100% identical to the original.

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro will be useful for HDD/SSD copying, cloning, or upgrading your original small hard drive to a new large drive. Simply speaking, it can copy anything from an old hard drive, including deleted, lost files, and inaccessible data.


  1. The built-in burning feature automatically creates a bootable CD/DVD or USB disk to copy the entire disk easily.
  2. Partition copy: copy one partition to another sector by sector with a bootable CD.
  3. Disk copy: clone one disk to another sector by sector with a bootable CD.
  4. “Sector by sector” copy option: make physical 1:1 copies (clones) of hard disk and partition, which make sure 100% identical to the original.
  5. A friendly graphical user interface.
  6. Support hard disks up to 16 TB.
  7. Safe and easy way to copy all or part of HDD/SSD to another hard drive.

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro 4.0 Free License :

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Disk Copy Pro by EaseUS normally costs $29 for a year. Get it for free by following the below instructions.

Download the installer from here(47.4 MB) and activate the Pro version with the below code.



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