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EaseUS CleanGenius: The Free PC Cleaner You Need

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Maintaining a tidy and uncluttered computer is crucial for peak performance. With time, the ever-growing accumulation of unnecessary files, temporary data, and bloatware could hinder a computer’s performance.

There are, thankfully, applications designed specifically to assist with this kind of work. One such tool is EaseUS CleanGenius, a free system utility that may remove unwanted files and clear up space on your hard drive to keep your computer running smoothly.

What is EaseUS CleanGenius?

A free PC cleaner that uses advanced PC cleaning technologies to do system analysis and cleanup.

You can improve your computer’s efficiency by using this tool to delete junk data, temporary files, and other unused data.

It also allows you to control what loads at boot, delete unnecessary files, and declutter the registry.

The PC cleaner, privacy guard, system optimizer, and program Uninstaller are just a few of the functions included.

EaseUS CleanGenius UI

UI & Working:

The software’s user interface is minimalistic, well-organized, and intuitive. Cleanup, Privacy, Optimization, Application, and Toolkit make up the left side of the program’s main window.

When you open the Cleanup or Privacy tabs, a scan button will appear on the right.

Starting the scan can help locate a wide variety of junk files that can be deleted from the computer.

In the section dedicated to privacy, we can search for anything that could reveal sensitive information about the user. Windows log files, recently used programs, printer history data, Windows jump lists, and so on can all be scanned and deleted. The browser’s cache, cookies, and download history can also be cleared.

Disabling unused apps from automatically starting up is one way to increase system speed, which can be done in the system optimization area.

In this section, you can enable or disable Windows Automatic updates. To ensure our data is safe from accidental deletion, we can enable write protection on detachable disks.

EaseUS CleanGenius- System Optimization

The application section lets you check out the complete list of software that has been loaded onto our Windows machine. The program’s installation date, publisher, disk space usage, and so forth are all displayed here. From this page, you can remove any unused software that is using up unnecessary disk space.

The Toolkit section is nothing but a promotion for all EaseUS softwares.

EaseUS CleanGenius Free is available for download at https://www.easeus.com/.