EaseUS Christmas Giveaway

EaseUS Christmas Giveaway 2023: 6 Softwares Worth $170 for Free

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Celebrate Christmas with EaseUS! Grab your chance to get 6 top-notch software worth $170 free in the EaseUS Christmas Giveaway 2023 campaign.

In the holiday spirit, EaseUS has announced a Christmas sale and giveaway. From December 11th to December 28th, enjoy up to 20% off on best-selling products on their website.

But that’s not all–EaseUS is also offering free 1-year licenses for six of its top products, with a limited supply of 1000 licenses for each.

The EaseUS Christmas Giveaway 2023 includes:

  • EaseUS Todo Backup: 1 Year, Worth $39.95
  • EaseUS Dupfiles Cleaner: 1 Year, Worth $39.95
  • EaseUS BitWiper: 1 Year, Worth $29.95
  • EaseUS AppMove: 1 Year, Worth $39.95
  • EaseUS Ringtone Editor: 1 Year, Worth $9.95
  • EaseUS MobiAnyGo: 1 Year, Worth $9.95

Visit this giveaway page.

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EaseUS will send the download link and license codes straight to your inbox.

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Here’s a quick overview of the six EaseUS software offerings:

EaseUS Todo Backup:

An award-winning data backup software for Windows that allows users to back up photos, music, videos, documents, and more.

It supports various backup types, including disk, partition, OS, and file backups, and offers password protection for backup files.

EaseUS DupFiles Cleaner:

This tool identifies and eliminates duplicate files and images, freeing up valuable storage space on your computer. It provides a quick scan and removal process.

EaseUS BitWiper:

A comprehensive data destruction software that wipes HDDs/SSDs and sensitive data. It provides a one-click system for wiping files, disks, and partitions, adhering to government standards for device wiping.

EaseUS AppMove:

This software allows you to relocate installed applications and games from an SSD drive to other drives including HDD, USB, etc. It also helps to clear unwanted files and uninstall and repair apps.

EaseUS AppMove License

EaseUS Ringtone Editor:

A convenient ringtone maker and manager that allows you to make ringtones from many audio sources as well as manage the ringtone on your iOS devices.

EaseUS MobiAnyGo:

A virtual location tool that simulates the GPS location on your iOS device. It serves as a professional helper to protect your privacy or customize the route for your AR games.