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Dying Light & Kingdom Under Fire 2 Games are Free to Play on Steam

Dying Light free weekend

This weekend two games Dying Light & Kingdom Under Fire 2 are available for free to play on Steam store. During this free play period, both of the games are available at a discount Price.

As a part of the 5th Anniversary Month and for the first time ever, the developers (Techland) made Dying Light available to play for free on PC.

Just head over to this, click the “Play Game” button to install the game and have fun until February 23 (10:00 am PT / 19:00 CET / 6:00 pm GMT)

Also, on the steam store, you can grab the standard edition of the game at 60% off and the Enhanced Edition at 67 % off.

Coming to Kingdom Under Fire 2, it’s playable for free on Steam from February 20th (7 PM CET / 10 AM PST) until February 24th (7 PM CET / 10 AM PST)and if that’s not enough – get Kingdom Under Fire 2 and save up to 50%.



About  Dying Light  Game:

From the creators of hit titles Dead Island and Call of Juarez. Winner of over 50 industry awards and nominations. The game whose uncompromising approach to gameplay set new standards for first-person zombie games.

Survive in a city beset by a zombie virus! Discover the hard choice you will have to make on your secret mission.

Will loyalty to your superiors prove stronger than the will to save the survivors? The choice is yours…


Roam the city with unprecedented freedom and bask in its unique atmosphere. Use parkour to scale every building and reach remote areas.


Engage in gory combat and discover limitless options to confront your enemies. Use the environment paired with various weapon types and abilities to gain an advantage.


Experience the dramatic shift in the world, as you change from a hunter to hunted at sundown. Face the coming threat or run away without wasting your time to look behind.


Join forces with other players and raise your chances of survival in an exciting co-op mode. Tackle the story campaign together and take part in regularly scheduled community challenges.

About  Kingdom Under Fire 2:

The land of Bersia is in a state of war! Head into battle as a fearless hero and brilliant tactician!

Kingdom Under Fire 2 combines the best aspects of Action MMORPGs and RTS games to let you experience massive battles with hundreds of units and an epic conflict told in an unforgettable storyline.

Fight on your own or lead your armies onto massive battlegrounds. Explore the beauty and darkness of Bersia and slay manifold monsters.

Gain tactical skills for your troops and take control over devasting war machinery to level and strengthen your army!

Demonstrate your action combat skills and tactical thinking to become the ultimate god of war!

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