DVDFab DVD Copy: An Excellent DVD Backup Tool

DVDFab DVD Copy: An Excellent DVD Backup Tool

March 3, 2017 Off By Ramakanth

DVDFab is powerful and full-featured software developed by Fengtao Software Inc. for people to copy and rip DVD/BD, convert DVD to BD or BD to DVD, convert videos into any popular formats and create DVD/BD.

With the resolution to provide the best DVD and BD backup solutions, Fengtao Software Inc. has spent over a decade year on perfecting and promoting DVDFab.Now with the release of the newest version DVDFab (for Windows, for MacOS), it provides a better user experience for its users.

Before using DVDFab, you have to activate the options in it, which means that you need to pay for the functions in the software.

Ten options or products, including DVD Copy, are chargeable in it, but you can get a 30-day free trial if this is the first time that you use DVDFab. For long-term use, you can buy them separately or as a suite on their official website.

DVDFab DVD Copy is the first product they developed and the most reputable one, so here I will give a brief introduction to DVDFab DVD Copy.

User-friendly Interface and Various Modes to be Chosen

DVDFab DVD Copy User Interface

Just as the screenshot presents, DVDFab has a slick, intuitive and modern interface. With its clear layout, you can learn how to operate this software in a few minutes.

But if you want to get its fullest potential, you may need to spend some time on figuring out the ins and outs of the program.

6 DVD Copy modes available

DVDFab DVD Copy has 6 copy modes

Under the Copy module, there are six copy modes (Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge and Clone/Burn) for you to choose to satisfy your all kinds of demands.

You can either make a 1:1 copy by selecting Clone/Burn mode, or customize the DVD you want to copy by choosing Customize mode.

The other four modes you probably will use them frequently too. Full disc is for copying all the content in the original DVD, including special features, trailers and so on; Main Movie refers to copy the main movie only; Split makes you copy one DVD-9 onto two DVD-5s; Merge is to merge several DVDs onto one DVD.

And what is worth mentioning is that DVDFab DVD Copy makes you save your physical discs as DVD’s ISO files or DVD folders that can be saved on your hard drive.

Later you can burn the file or folder to a new disc without needing the original.

Work with A Built-in Decrypter

Almost all commercial DVDs are copy protected, which means that the encryptions in them prevent you from making copies. But with DVDFab at hand, you do not need to worry about the problem.

It has a built-in decrypter that circumvents these protections so that you can copy these DVDs you legally purchased.

Copy at Fast Speed and Output High-quality Videos

The copy speed of DVDFab DVD Copy is outstanding among multitudes of DVD copy softwares. Usually, it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to complete a copy task, no matter you make a direct 1:1 copy or compress a disc to a smaller-capacity disc.

But if you use the DVDFab DVD Copy, it may only take about 10 minutes. As for the quality of output videos of DVDFab, some professionals on DVD copy have already done some examinations on the output videos.

They admitted that though some artifacts and distortions are unavoidable if a DVD video is compressed, DVDFab does do a good job on outputting videos with high-quality. (see reviews on TopTenReviews for reference)


All in all, if you need a tool to backup your DVDs for preservation, DVDFab is definitely a good choice for you.

Although it may take you a while to master all the features of DVDFab, it deserves your time investment.

However, DVDFab is by no means a mere DVD Copy tool, it is a powerful software which contains copy tools, ripper tools, converter tools, and Cinavia solution.

For more detailed information, please go to its official website http://www.dvdfab.cn/.