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DupInOut Duplicate Finder Full Version for Free [Windows]

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DupInOut Duplicate Finder is a cool tool that helps you find duplicate files on your computer.

It works fast and has lots of ways to narrow down your search so you can find exactly what you need. Sometimes your computer needs a cleanup, and this tool is just what you need to get the job done.

This Windows software helps you find files that are the same on your computer. It does this by making a special code for each file based on what’s inside. So instead of just looking at the names of the files, it checks what’s inside. That’s how it finds duplicates.

A hash is like a code that tells you about the contents of a file. If two files have the same hash code, then they are the same file. But if the hash codes are different, then the files are different and have different stuff inside. If you change anything in a file, even just one little thing, the hash code will be different too.

A hash code can’t be turned back into the original file. There are different ways to make a hash code, like CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256. DupInOut uses one called CRC-32 by default, but you can change it in the program’s settings if you want.

DupInOut Duplicate Finder Features:


  • Permanently delete duplicate files and free-up storage.
  • Fast, Reliable & Accurate Scan.
  • One-Click File Selection Algorithms.
  • Data Protection Mechanism secures your data from accidental deletion.
  • It can reorganize thousands of documents and photos on your PC in your own custom folder layouts.
  • Compare two folders to know what’s the same, and what’s changed or added later.
  • Easy Drag & Drop Interface.
  • Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10/8/7.

Get DupInOut Duplicate Finder for Free:

Download the software or installer from the developer page[2.26 MB].

Install and launch the software.

To activate your copy, click on the Activate link label in the upper right corner of your
screen, and enter the below License Key.

Click on the “Activate” button.