Duke Nukem Forever demo available for Download

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Duke Nukem Forever  which has been in making  for 15 long years, against all odds last week Duke Nukem Forever was launched and now a demo of DUKE NUKEM FOREVER is available live on Xbox 360 and on PC via Steam.  PS3 users should wait for some time as Gearbox Software working with Sony to get the demo out as soon as possible .

The demo is a sampler of Duke’s comedy-action delights, previously the demo was only available for the people who pre-ordered the game, aka the “First Access Club” Members.

If you don’t know about Duke Nukem Forever, it is the sequel to popular 1996-shooter, Duke Nukem 3D. The sequel was originally developed by 3D Realms, and then, later by another like-minded Dallas-based studio, Gearbox Software.

If you are doubting whether you should buy this game, then try the demo which is available on Xbox Live Marketplace and PC users anyone with a Steam account can download the demo free of charge.