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Free 25GB Extra Dropbox Basic Storage Space

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Dropbox is one of the most popular web services, which offers simple file syncing between any number of computers and the web.

It even acts like a super folder, that automatically syncs whatever you drop in it and gives you access to your files wherever you go, no matter which computer you’re on, what OS you’re using, and where you are in the web-world.


Normally on creating a Dropbox free account (basic), you will get 2GB of storage space.

But here is a tip that gives an extra 25GB free storage space, all you need to do is login into your Dropbox account in a web browser.

Next,  visit the website and you will notice a banner similar to the below screenshot.

Dropbox free 25gb storage space

Click the “Get25GB Free”  button, and a dropbox webpage will be launched with a pre-filled coupon code, click the ‘Submit’ button.


That’s it, you will get an extra 25GB storage Space free for 6 months.


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