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Dropbox 100GB free Space for One Year for Eligible Lenovo Users

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Dropbox is giving some Lenovo customers 100GB of storage space for free for a year.

If you bought Lenovo laptops or computers before or after September 2020, you may be able to get an extra 100 GB of Dropbox space for 12 months after you bought them.

To know whether your Lenovo device is eligible for this offer launch the Lenovo Vantage app.

Lenovo Vantage app -My Software option in Support

Click “Support” and select the “My Software” option.

If your device is eligible for this free Dropbox offer you will notice a banner similar to the below screenshot.

Dropbox 100GB Free Space for one year

Click “Redeem”, download and install the cloud storage app. Connect to your account (or create a new account) and claim 100 GB of storage space for free.

I bought a Lenovo laptop in June 2020, it seems my device is eligible and I claimed the 100 GB free offer.

To verify the date your bonus space was first awarded, visit your account page and click View all space earned. The bonus space will expire 12 months from this date.

Also, you will receive an email (account registered email id) that you’ve successfully linked your Lenovo device and received 100 GB of bonus space.

Dropbox space rewarded

Terms and Conditions:

Lenovo computers that were bought before or after September 2020 are eligible for the promotion.

In this promotion, you can get an extra 100 GB of storage space for 12 months after you redeem it. That’s in addition to the storage space that Dropbox gives to users who have free accounts

When the 12-month promotional period is over, the 100 GB of promotional space that was added will be taken away.

This Promotion is unavailable in the following countries: China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

When your promotional offer ends, your Dropbox space limit will revert to its pre-promotional level. If you have a Basic account, for example, your limit will be restored to 2 GB plus any space gained through referrals or other bonuses.

If you exceed your limit after it expires, you will be unable to add new photographs, videos, or documents to the cloud drive.