DriverMax PRO lets you update all your hardware in one click, keeping your PC’s hardware drivers updated is a chore and using  DriverMax Pro you can avoid the tedious process of searching and updating device drivers manually.

When you connect a piece of hardware to your computer whether it’s a mouse, a monitor or a printer – Windows needs a driver to use it (to “drive” the hardware).

Making sure you always have the newest version of hardware drivers can prevent system conflicts and hardware problems, and boost gaming performance.


DriverMax detects old and broken drivers, for which updates are available and downloads the updates, creates a restore point before updating your drivers in case something goes wrong. The application is available as a freeware and paid pro version.


The free version of DriverMax allows  you download two updates per day, so to bypass this limit you need DriverMax PRO ($29.8 / year) account, with  Pro account you can download and  update an unlimited number of drivers simultaneously

Other pro features include Signed driver updates only, automated driver installation,  hourly driver check, and customer support.

DriveMax Pro provides updates to almost all manufacturers, not only it provides driver updates, but also it allows you to backup your windows drivers and restores them after reinstalling Windows.

DriverMax PRO free for  1 year:

Note: These type of promos will expire very quickly, so hurry up if you need this product.

To get $39 worth license of DriverMax Pro for free, Visit this German Promo page and fill the small form by entering your First Name (vorname), last name (nachname)  email address, complete CAPTCHA and finally click the  “Absenden (Get the  Code)” button.

Next, you will receive a confirmation email from “[email protected]”,  click the confirmation link in that email to get an activation code.

If you didn’t notice the email in your  Inbox, check your  Spam /Junk folder.

Download the installer from here (5.8 MB), install the software and on completing the installation process, the program will launch a cryptocurrency mining website on your default browser, just ignore it and close the tab.


Once the installation finished, launch the software and on the main screen, click on  “Settings–> My account –>Register–>next–> Enter Registration code”, then use the activation code you received to unlock the Pro version.

Note :

If you are getting invalid license code, make sure there is an em dash after ‘DMX’ in the serial number (eg: DMX-576-87X-9B51).