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Drivermax 15 Pro Free 1 Year License -PC Driver updater Tool

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DriverMax is one of the best system drivers updating software for Windows OS. The application is available as a free and Pro (paid) version, however, the free edition has a few limitations like two driver updates per day and ads.

Drivermax 15 Pro Free License:

Before getting excited about this promo, please take some time to read the below details instead of directly visiting the giveaway page.

This promotion or giveaway is intended for users from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. So you need a German IP or a VPN with a German location to receive the license code.

Further, after installing and activating the app, you still need to run a VPN to update the drivers. Otherwise, you will receive a notification that you are running a giveaway version not intended for your country and your subscription will be removed.

I tried the promo with the help of Windscribe VPN on Windows 11 PC (check out the screenshots) and it worked for me, got a 366-day subscription and I even updated the outdated drivers in one go.

Tip: You can also use Proton VPN (Free) or , which doesn’t need any sign-ups.

Windscribe VPN With German IP

Step 1.

First, launch your VPN, select a virtual location such as Germany, and visit this or this (prefer Incognito window).


Step 2.

Enter your first & last name, and email address, complete the captcha, and hit the “Submit” (Absenden) button.

Driver Max 15 Giveaway


Step 3.

You will receive a confirmation email from, click the confirmation link and you will receive activation information (User ID and registration code).

Note: If you receive this type of Code: DMX-COUNTRY-NOT-ALLOWED, then something is wrong with your VPN.

Drivermax 15 Registration Code

Step 4.

Download the software or installer from this link or from here.

Step 5.

Don’t turn off the VPN, install the software, and launch the app.

Step 6.

Go to Settings, click the “Register” button, click ‘Next’ and click the “Enter Registration Code” link.

Step 7.

Enter the license code you received, click the “OK” button, and finish the registration process by setting a password(enter twice).


DriverMax 14 License code Activation


That’s it, you have a 1-year subscription to this software for free, but whenever you need to run DriverMax, you need to launch or run a VPN (German Country) and exit the app after updating the drivers.

Also, disable the app launching on Windows startup (Task Manager –>Startup) so that you can prevent losing the subscription.

Furthermore, you can utilize the “Startup Optimizer” Module in Advanced Systemcare 16 and disable the app at system startup.

Startup Optimization in Advanced SystemCare Pro 15

About DriverMax :

DriverMax saves your time and energy by automatically scanning installed drivers on your system and checking online for updates, then lists which drivers are outdated. During the installation of new updates, the application allows you to create a restore point so that you can revert to a previous version of the driver if the new update causes any problems.

DriverMax 14

Keeping your system drivers up to date not only improves your system performance but also lets you access new features that arrive with the updates. Further Drivermax lets you backup current/old drivers in the form of a zip file so that you can restore them if the new drivers don’t work properly. Not only this, but the application also identifies unknown hardware on your system and even provides a detailed report of your system hardware.