Drivermax 7.18 Released

Drivermax 7.18 Released

October 9, 2013 Off By Ramakanth

DriverMax has been released, this is a small update intended to fix bugs and resolve issues raised in previous version. Existing DriverMax users can update to the latest version for stability and improved performance of the software.

For those who didn’t know about this software, DriverMax is one of the best system drivers updating software for Windows OS. The application is available as free and Pro (paid) version, however free edition has few limitations like two driver updates per day and ads.


Drivermax 7.18 saves your time and energy by automatically scanning installed drivers on your system and checks online for updates, then lists which drivers are outdated. During installation of new updates, the application allows you to create a restore point, so that you can revert to a previous version of the driver if the new update causes any problem.

Keeping your system drivers up to date not only improves your system performance, but also lets you access new features that arrive with the updates. Further Drivermax lets you backup current/old drivers in the form of a zip file, so that you can restore them if the new drivers doesn’t work properly. Not only this, the application identifies unknown hardware on your system and even provides a detailed report of your system hardware.

drivermax free edition

Drivermax 7.18 has nice and easy to use interface inspired by windows 8 OS, on the main screen itself you can access all the key functions through 5 metros like tiles.

Download : DriverMax

Note : Free edition users also required  to create an account to use the application, through the app UI you can create an account.