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Yet another useful free app from Iobit called “Driver Booster”, this windows app detects outdated drivers on your system and provides easy way to update them. Not only this, according to Iobit, driver booster is specially designed to tweak drivers for best gaming performance.

Do you know that your PC performance not only depends on registry errors and junk files, but also outdated system drivers will affect your PC performance and lead to system crashes.

Hardware manufactures frequently release updates to their system drivers, which not only adds new features, but also improves your system performance. So, keeping your system drivers  up-to-date will prevent  hardware failures, and system crashes.


driver booster

Although manufacturers will release frequent updates (drivers) for their hardware,but it will be tiresome to keep track on updates for all your system drivers. So a software that automates this process will  save your energy and time, here comes the freeware Iobit Driver Booster which is intended mainly for this purpose.

Just download the installer of the app which is around 4.9 MB in size, install the app and when you run it for first time, the app will scan and identifies outdated drivers , next you need to do is click “update” and reboot your PC to finish the  update process.

Driver Booster  has a sleeker interface, where the device drivers that’s need to be update are displayed in a list. The list shows the devices that needs an update and provides information about the type of device, the version of driver currently installed, release date of the old driver and version of the latest driver along with the release date.

Iobit Driver Booster

Also, the app visualizes how old is your driver in 3 categories : old,very old and Ancient. An update button is displayed beside the driver statu, hit the update button and update your driver. Also, you can update all drivers at once by clicking “Update All” button. However, I faced problems with “update all” function on my Windows 7 PC and Updating drivers individually works very well. I think as the software is in beta stage,these types of bugs will popup and eventually fixed in full version release.

Key Features of Iobit Driver Booster :

  1. Automatically Identify Outdated Drivers
  2. One-click Update for Maximum Hardware Performance
  3. Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Experience
  4. Works With Windows 8,7,vista and XP

Download : Iobit Driver Booster [beta]