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O&O DriveLED 4 is an  Hard-disk monitoring software which lets you know when your hard drive is about to die or is about to suffer from a potential crash. O&O DriveLED 4 works silently in the background and monitors the status of your hard disks and warns you of any impending problems.It will warn you when it is time to back up your important data or even if it is necessary to replace the hard disk.

O&O DriveLED 4 Pro :

O&O DriveLED 4

O&O DriveLED works on Hard disks with SMART technology, all modern Hard disks is equipped with this technology. It uses the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) integrated in hard disks to permanently monitor the status of drives. This allows the program to readout the values for essential properties that are detected by the hard disk during a self-diagnosis.

O&O DriveLED provides you the ability to recognize a potential malfunction before it happens. You can detect impending crashes while they’re on their way. O&O DriveLED gives you the chance to recognize when a crash is coming, and then the opportunity to do something about it. You’ll have enough time to back up your data and so avoid losing any of it when exchanging a hard disk.

Key features of O&O DriveLED 4:

  • Display of read/write access for logical volumes
  • Display of current storage capacity on logical drives
  • Automatic monitoring of all S.M.A.R.T. properties
  • Display of current temperatures on all hard disk drives
  • Prognosis of remaining operational life for all hard disk drives
  • Self tests run directly in Windows without the creation of a boot disk!
  • Warning notification of possible operational errors on all hard disk drives
  • Support of all Windows-compatible storage volumes
  • Support of SCSI-disk drives
  • compatible with windows 7 & all other Windows OS’s


O&O DriveLED 4 Pro for Free :

    A 1 year Single user license of O&O DriveLED Professional Edition will cost $30 and you can get this for free with below german promo set by Computer Bild Magazine. Follow below simple steps to grab thefullversion software
    O&O DriveLED 4 

  1. First Visit this promotion page : http://goo.gl/0oWVq
  2. Enter your email address, then click “Kostenlose..” button and with in few minutes you will receive license code
  3. Download O&O DriveLED 4 Professional Edition from here or from oo-software.com
  4. DriveLED 4

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