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Dr.Web Katana is a new security tool from the Russian Antivirus firm ‘Doctor Web’, the developer terms it as an next-gen security tool for advanced protection.This security tool protects your PC against new threats that a traditional antivirus tool  doesn’t recognize,  because Dr.Web Katana doesn’t rely on signature-based virus and uses proactive technologies.

Dr.Web KATNA protects your system against computer threats by means of non-signature-based technologies — using behavior analysis, cloud-based threat detection, and preset rules. The program does not conflict with third-party anti-viruses and can operate in a team with them to enhance your computer’s security. Moreover, the application is simple and uses your systems very lightly.

Dr.Web KATNA utilizes   mainly three technologies  namely : Dr.Web Process Heuristic, Dr.Web ShellGuard and Dr.Web Cloud. The behavioural analysis technology Dr.Web Process Heuristic protects systems against new, highly prolific malicious programs that are capable of avoiding detection by traditional signature-based analysis and heuristic routines.

Dr.Web Process Heuristic analyses the behaviour of each running program in real time by comparing it with Dr.Web Cloud which is constantly updated. It determines whether the program is dangerous and then takes whatever measures are necessary to neutralize the threat. This data protection technology helps minimize losses resulting from the actions of unknown malware — and consumes very few of the protected system’s resources.

Dr.Web Katana

Dr.Web ShellGuard technology protects system from programs that exploit vulnerabilities. Exploits are malicious objects that take advantage of software flaws. The vulnerabilities are used to gain control over a targeted application or the operating system.

Installation of this security tool is simple and straight forward, by default the app just sits on windows taskbar and starts protecting your PC. If you want more control, click the ‘spider’ spider agent iconicon in the notification area (task bar jump list) and then click ‘settings’settings icon,  from here enable or disable protection, change the protection level (Optimal, medium, paranoid), configure exploit prevention and set the update frequency.

Overall,  Dr.Web Katana  can be used as a top-up for your existing  security suite , but not as a replacement. This non-signature anti-virus offers preventive protection against the latest active threats, targeted attacks, and attempts by Trojans and exploits to use vulnerabilities, including zero-day ones, to penetrate systems.

Dr.Web Katana Free for 90 Days :

As a launching promotion, Dr web is offering 90 days license of this security tool for free.
To get the license code, visit this promo page in Russian language, fill the form by entering name , email address, code word listed below and finally click the green button  ‘отлравить’ ( use chrome browser with google translate addon).

code word : двойная защита

Dr.Web Katana promo code

Next, check your email-Inbox for an email from ‘Doctor Web’, you will find a link (conformation link) , click the link and you receive a second mail with license code for Dr.Web Katana.

Download the installer from here(drweb-1.0-katana.exe), install the app and proceed the process by selecting the option ‘receive license code during installation’, later the received license code with ‘License manger’ option under tools menu.

Dr.Web Katana license code