Dr. Panda Restaurant 2 Kids Game Available Free for both Android & iOS

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Dr. Panda Restaurant 2 is a kids’ educational game designed for both mobile device operating systems (Android and iOS), normally the price of the app is around $2.50 and for a limited time period, it’s available free of cost on both Android & iOS App stores.

In Google Play store the app got over 50,000 downloads, it received 4 Star rating on both iOS App Store and Google Play and another good feature is there are no in-app purchases or ads.

Th app works on mobile devices running on Android 4.0+ and iOS 8.0 or later, the game is available in 16 Plus languages that include: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (simplified &traditional), and Turkish.

To get this freebie for your devices, just follow below links:

For Android devices – Visit Google Play.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch – Visit iOS App Store.


About Dr. Panda Restaurant 2:

This game is easy to use, really fun to play and highly interactive, with no rules or aims to worry about. This interactive game with open-ended play makes way for discovery, while role-play elements help kids to create their own narratives, the game goes beyond the boundaries of books and toys, empowering kids to go further.

Play the role of both chef and waiter as you first take orders from your customers before putting culinary skills to the test. Sort ingredients and make the pizza of your dreams, a pasta to rave about or a soup so spicy your customers breathe fire!

There’s plenty of room for creativity as kids choose to bake, boil, chop and blend. Learn to prepare foods and experiment freely without the risk of injury!

With in-app step by step instructions, this game is sure to get kids interested in cooking healthy foods. There’s even a vegetarian only option! When your customers have finished, it’s your job to collect the payment. Don’t forget to clean up after!

Dr. Panda Restaurant 2 really is the perfect game for all your little chefs, so get cooking!

Dr. Panda Restaurant 2 Key Features:

  • Learn the basic steps of making all sorts of different foods!
  • Get familiar with how different recipes and kitchen tool work!
  • Pick up on facial cues and choose what things customers want to eat!
  • Choose from over 20 ingredients: Fish, kiwifruit, eggs, peppers, tomatoes and more!
  • Chop, bake, boil, fry and more to make the perfect dish!
  • Experiment and have fun! No time limits or scoring.
  • Check out how customers react to what you use and how you cook! Dozens of different reactions to see!
  • Vegetarian mode included!
  • Safe for kids! Absolutely no third-party ads!