Doze : Android App to Extend Battery Life

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Doze mode is a in-built feature available for Android Marshmallow devices, its one of the best feature made available in Android v6.0 OS to deal battery draining issues.

In basic terms Doze mode is nothing but  a battery saving feature available only for Android Marshmallow devices.This mode doesn’t offer any visual controls, it will be automatically activated with help of sensors on your device and keeps all apps in deep sleep mode.

Although this feature is helpful in restricting back ground actions and data consumption, which ultimate reduces battery consumption, but this mode kicks in only certain conditions are met such as your device should be sitting  still for half an hour , the device should not be in charging,

However, there is a third-party app called ‘Doze’ developed by yirgalab  that  improves your android device battery life and reduces battery consumption by  preventing  apps from sending and receiving data when your device screen is turned off and the apps will  resume normal activity when the screen comes on.


The app provides more control when compared to Android v6.0 in-built feature,  more over the app is available for non- Marshmallow devices, it works on devices running with Android OS v4.0 and above.

If you  have a Android Marshmallow device, you can still use the ‘Doze’ app as it doesn’t interfere  with the  Marshmallow’s  deep-sleep feature. In addition, the app helps to extend your device battery life even further.

How to use Doze  app :

When you launch the app for the first time  you need to  provide permission for the app to set up a VPN, actually its not functional VPN , but it just acts a barrier to block the data transfer.


Also, you need enable usage access for this app and from the main interface of the app tap on,  ‘Get into Doze’ button and that’s it, when the screen is off, Doze prevents apps from connecting to network for power saving and disable it by tapping on ‘ Quit Doze’.


For more control the app offers 3 options, you can access theses options through ‘Settings'(Gear icon) menu from the main interface. The 3 options are : Aggressive Mode, WiFi Preferred and Charge preferred.

In Aggressive Mode,  it will be active whether your phone screen is on or off and it allows network connection only when certain app is launched.

In WiFi Mode, Doze auto quits when connected to WiFi and Charge preferred mode it will quit automatically when connected to charger.


However, if you want network connectivity for certain apps  even when screen is turned off,  with active list feature (Flash light icon on main interface)  you can add apps you want normal connectivity while your screen turns off.

doze-active list

Conclusion :

Simply, this app is an improved and powerful version based on Google Doze. When your Phone screen is off , Doze prevents battery draining from data hungry apps, in this way it adds more hours to stand by time  and makes significant difference to your phone battery life.


Download  Doze by Yirgalab Tools from Google Play