Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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The beta version of the second service pack for Windows Vista is now available for all users: anyone can try out the new features and SP2.This is a fairly significant upgrade, which brings few new features.
The most prominent Features are new Windows Search 4.0, support for burning Blu-ray discs and support for Bluetooth 2.1 standard.

A few days ago this beta version of Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista has already been made available to members of communities of developers from Microsoft. Thus, the subscribers of TechNet and MSDN were the first to test the benefits of this new package of updates, which now comes users officially.


Microsoftreleased download links for systems of 32 bit, 64 bit and IA64 architectures (still used, although very poorly), so that any user can install the pack.

Among the improvements are a less resource-hogging Sidebar, a better wifi connection dialog, Blu-Ray support, better third-party hardware support and more.

Another improvement in addition to those mentioned above is that, with SP2, you can update all the security patches and bug fixes since the departure of the Service Pack 1, a few months ago.


Despite that Microsoft said that this version is not recommended for production environments but it is likely that the warning will serve only to the developers of Microsoft heal in health: the betas of its products are usually very stable and if you take your Windows Vista to last, this is a good chance. If you prefer to await the final version, you have to mark your calendars in the month of April 2009, when it expects its final departure.

One thing to note if you’re thinking of trying the beta — upgrading to the final release will require uninstalling the beta. Also note that, in an effort to reduce download sizes, SP1 must be installed before you upgrade to SP2 beta (that will also be true for the final release version of SP2).

Along with the desktop version of Vista SP2 beta, there is also a Microsoft Server 2008 beta available.

You can get both updates from Microsoft Download center

Download : Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta – (32-bit) (434 MB)
Download : Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta – (64-bit) (726 MB)
Download : Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta DVD-ISO (1228.8)